DA229 ContactGrill
DA227 ConveyorToaster
esprit 4 slot cobalt blue
DL259 Y Heat mat
premier 4 double brunch
4 slot double brunch regent white

Contact and Panini Grills

A floating head contact grill, tried and tested in many high volume food outlets, where 100% reliability is required 24 hours a day. Twin elements in each plate guarantees long life with the benefit of off-peak economy and an even temperature over the whole cooking... Read more

Conveyor Toasters

Our conveyor toasters 1400RT and 1500RT feature off-peak power switches (2/3rd power), with the brownness of toast controlled by the speed of the conveyor belt. The range now offers you the choice of a 1300RT machine producing up to 400 slices per hour, the 1400RT... Read more

Esprit Toasters

A truly stylish and sophisticated toaster selection. The Esprit Collection offers a touch of vibrancy with a range of coloured end-panels. Handmade by skilled craftsmen in the UK, the Esprit Collection proclaims its quality. Each toaster is individually tested and certified before leaving the factory.... Read more

Hotplate Units

Reliable machines manufactured by us for nearly 40 years. 6 and 10 plate models, both thermostatically controlled. The hotplates themselves are manufactured from polished aluminium alloy. The plates have a high heat accumulating power, capable of retaining heat for up to 45 minutes without the... Read more

Premier Toasters

Engineered for reliability, the Premier Collection is Rowlett s flagship toaster range, enjoying huge success in pubs, clubs, restaurants, leisure outlets, hotels, government offices, local authorities, institutions and caring establishments. Select from a wide choice of Bread and Sandwich toasters available with variable settings for... Read more

Regent Toasters

A robust handmade toasters with a stainless steel top and white body and now 12 other colours. The Regent Collection is Rowlett’s long-established toaster range. Select from a wide choice of bread, brunch and sandwich toasters available with variable settings for toasting perfection. Remove crumbs... Read more

We're In The Guinness Book Of Records With The World's
Longest, Largest, Fully Functional Toaster - 6ft Long With 34 Slots.

Rowlett Factory 1946-1947 History of Rowlett

Ted Rutland, who was a qualified tool maker, started making 6 slot commercial toasters in 1946 at his first factory in Park Royal; this was just one of whole range of products he introduced over the coming years. They included compressors, a range of toys, including the Rowlett bicycle, cigarette lighters; one was a mini replica of a miner’s lamp, smokers stand, electric clothes dryers, electric fires & irons etc.


Rowlett Factory 1948-1957 History of Rowlett

In 1950 the production moved to a new Factory in Edgware. In addition to these products, he manufactured cable looms and many other items for the Ministry of Defence. In 1957 a disastrous fire destroyed the factory and production was move to Twickenham.

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Rowlett Factory 1958-1979 History of Rowlett

In 1958 the 4 slot toasters were introduced. And 1963 the Toasters were redesigned and the Regent was born. The Show cards illustrate that the prices were in Guineas! Exports started and included the USA in 1969 and Hong Kong in the early 70’s. Rowlett introduced their 2, 4 & 6 Slot Sandwich toasters in 1976 which are still in current production. By 1979 the company was exporting nearly 70 countries.


Rowlett Factory 1980-1992 History of Rowlett

During this period the Company slowly expanded its’ production and improving the quality and reliability of the range of products. The Premier range was introduced In 1992 Rowlett entered the Guinness Book of Records for the World’s Longest Toaster 34 slots, a Premier Model, and 6ft (2 Metres) long. It featured on the Big Breakfast Show and more recently on the One Show (2014) toasting 34 different types of bread to the delight of the presenters.


Rowlett Factory 1993-2016 History of Rowlett

In 1995 Rowlett started production of the Classic range of toasters, with the first ever 24 carat gold 4 Slot toaster being offered in 1996. Shortly after this period the Classic was redesigned and the Esprit toaster was introduced. During 2002 the Company merged with R.V.Rutland UK Ltd and relocated to Great Bookham and incorporating new products in the new Rowlett Rutland Range. In 2012 Rowlett Rutland launched the smaller models of the Regent toaster into the Retail market, winning the House & Garden Best British Product award. Now we have a top range of products and export nearly 50% of our production.

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