Conveyor Toaster Single

A fantastic quality British built commercial conveyor toaster, the Rowlett 1300RT allows you to perfectly brown up to 400 slices of bread every hour.

Product code: DA226 (1300RT)

Product Description

1300RT machine produces up to 400 slices per hour, the This machines features an internal cooling fan, electronic motor control, independent element control and a low friction toast slide that can be used in either ‘front only’ or ‘pass through’ operation, and are capable of toasting bread, buns, tea cakes, muffins etc. continuously. The brownness of toast controlled by the speed of the conveyor belt.

Barcode: 5021842999173

Product Features

Physical Dimensions 620(H) x 320(W) x 480(D)mm
Material Stainless Steel
Output 3kW
Weight 30kg
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