Express Contact Grill Single Flat/Ribbed

With its unique floating point ribbed upper plate and innovative modern design, the Rowlett RE100FR-PING Express Contact Grill is ideal for cooking panini, meats, vegetables and more.

Product code: DA230 (RE100FR – PING)

Product Description

Twin elements in each plate guarantees long life with the benefit of off-peak economy & an even temperature over the whole cooking surface. All cooking plates are coated with the latest high performance material. Fitted with a mechanical 6 minute ringer alarm and can be set from 30 seconds to 6 minutes. The economy switch – ideal for off peak periods – reduces electricity consumption by approximately 30% whilst maintaining the cooking temperature. Continuous cooking commences upon re-activation of full power. Other features include insulated cool zones to protect electrics from heat and grease. Fitted with removable splash guards and high capacity fat trays for easy cleaning. Accessories include Mid Frame Spacers for delicate items e.g. fried eggs, fish and pizzas. Wire Frame for sandwiches and scrapers for flat and ribbed plates.

Barcode: 5021842999258

DA230 ContactGrillClosed
DA230 ContactGrillClosed

Product Features

Physical Dimensions 600(H) x 360(W) x 370(D)mm
Cooking Area Dimensions 330mm x 205mm
Material Stainless Steel
Output 2.88kW
Weight 18kg
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